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Welcome to my website where I share coaching perspectives that I have acquired over 30+ years of teaching and coaching. 

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Ideas, thoughts and opinions on things I find intriguing

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  • If You Want Better Passers, Develop Better Servers!

    With permission, I would like to open this piece using a baseball analogy. If a batter desires to get better at hitting a fastball, they need to practice hitting fastballs….

  • Don’t Be A Presenter, Be a Teacher!

    The challenge of coaching is no different than the challenge of teaching any academic offering. There is a need to transfer information in a timely and impactful manner. Coaches will…

  • Kaizen, Chunking and Coaching Volleyball?

    Volleyball is very difficult to play correctly. There are so many moving body parts, not to mention a moving ball. Also, much of the game is with feet off the…

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Hi, I'm Jim Stone

I've been a coach and educator for almost 40 years (yikes!).  A majority of my career (27 years) was spent in Columbus, Ohio as Women's Volleyball Coach at The Ohio State University.  OSU is a wonderful place and I enjoyed every moment that I spent as a Buckeye. 

For the last 10 years, I was honored to represent the USA as the Girls U-18 National Team Coach.  This role has been an unbelievable educational and life experience.  Being able to travel the world learn about how other coaches approach their craft has been the adventure of a lifetime. 

I'm currently am very proud to work with The Art of Coaching Volleyball as a contributor to the website and clinician.  Working with Terry Liskevych, Russ Rose, John Dunning and other great coaches is an honor.

With this website I want to share items relating to coaching, education and other areas that I find interesting. I'm hoping you find this site interesting and beneficial to your own coaching experience.

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